The art of making websites FAST, PRECISE & FRIENDLY

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 Looking For A Developer?

I develop custom-made WordPress websites. I help companies, designers and agencies transform designs and ideas into clean, mean, fast websites.


I develop clean and semantic WordPress websites, using best practices, ensuring a fast and secure site, as well as easy to manage and upgrade.


I code pixel perfect sites for all devices, screen sizes and browsers. Exactly how the designer envisioned it.


Communication is a critical part of a successful website project, so I make it a priority to clarify the details with the client and the designer every step of the way.

Instant online international freight quotes on the freight marketplace and freight rate management for import/exporters and forwarders.

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Inception is a leading provider of 360 and VR entertainment content.

I developed a minisite within the InceptionVR website for user-submitted video content.

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Sail is not simply a lender.
Sail is a call to action, a promise to all small business owners who partner with us, that they can now sail with confidence.

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Glide is super quick, back and forth video chat. Just tap the blue button and speak your mind.
Get the people closest to you… just a little bit closer.

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The Jerusalem Forum of Jewish Renaissance Organizations was founded in 2011, with the goal of bringing a diversity of Jewish voices to the forefront, and of strengthening and empowering the rich Jewish renaissance activity taking place in Jerusalem.

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